Seminar in Banja Luka – presentation of RIS-RESTORE activities



Photo: RIS-RESTORE partners at the event in Banja Luka.


The University of Banja Luka hosted a live seminar within the project RIS RESTORE. Seminar was titled „Primary and secondary raw materials in modern materials engineering“ and was held on October 21, 2021.

Seminar was attended by experts from all over the country, representatives of industry, higher education institutions, institutes, ministries, as well as by senior students of the Faculty of Science. All teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina at the RIS RESTORE project attended and were also presenters at the seminar: University of Banja Luka (Faculty of Science), University of Tuzla (Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering), Federal Institute of Geology and Alumina d.o.o. The presence and presentation of the coordinating team from the Civil Engineering Institute of Slovenia (ZAG) was also important for the project and the professional public.

The seminar was held in the amphitheatre of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and after the seminar, socializing and further discussion on the presented topics continued. Focus was the topic of the project, the issue of red mud, but the participants had the opportunity to gain new knowledge and information from multidisciplinary areas: the use of other natural and secondary raw materials in modern materials engineering. Meeting was closed with a presentation on good practices in environmental protection and new nanotechnologies in Japan, by young experts who have recently returned from the research engagement in that country.



Photo: Event in Banja Luka on 21.10.2021




Photo: Event in Banja Luka on 21.10.2021.