RIS-RESTORE project presented on the European Aluminum event; Cross fertilization workshop - Towards a more sustainable alumina production in Europe


European Aluminum (https://www.european-aluminium.eu/), the umbrella association of the European aluminum industry and value chain stakeholders, prepares strategic plans and action plans as part of open events and workshops and consultations with its members and plays an important role in shaping European policies in the areas of the aluminum industry. To this end, on 23 and 24 September, the European Aluminum Association conducted an online workshop “Cross fertilization workshop - Towards a more sustainable alumina production in Europe”.


Photo: Event promotional banner.


The workshop brought together projects funded by various EU mechanisms that address issues from the aluminum industry and address them through technological as well as social science approaches. The main purpose of the workshop was to bring together views, results and highlight key steps towards a more sustainable aluminum production in Europe.

The workshop lasted for two days and was divided into several thematic sections, which began on the first day with an overview of the situation in the aluminum industry market and the role of innovative approaches in improving the sustainability aspect of the industry. This was followed by thematically oriented sections in the field of red sludge processing and extraction of rare earth elements and other elements from the waste industry of the aluminum industry. As part of this section, Mateja Košir, on behalf of the RIS-RESTORE project coordinator Ana Mladenovič, held lecture on project activities, which addresses the issue of red sludge landfills in the Western Balkans and tests possible ways to process red sludge to concentrate elements. contain elements of rare earths.

This was followed by sections focusing on the use of red sludge in the cement industry, alternative production routes for alumina extraction, industrial symbiosis, and the circular economy in the aluminum industry.

The event also enabled networking by thematic sections and active exchange of good practices among all participants. Presented good practices from the different projects will help European Aluminium to draft further recommendations towards policy makers.



Photo: Presentation of the RIS-RESTORE project.