Project activities presentation on the EMC21 conference


An international conference, the 21st European Meeting on Environmental Chemistry (EMEC21) was held in Novi Sad from November 30 to December 3, 2021, and the RIS RESTORE partner's University of Banja Luka team University of Novi Sad were among the participants.



Photo: EMC conference Book of abstracts title page.


The conference was attended by about 150 participants from countries such as France, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Spain, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and many others who deal with environmental sciences. The complete book of abstracts is available here

Two papers were presented in the frame of RIS-RESTORE activities; paper from University of Novi Sad group, S. Vučetić et al. - Design of Ceramic Materials Based on Industrial By-Products (see page 118) and paper from University of Banja Luka group, S. Sukur et al. - Research on Developing a Sustainable Way of Neutralizing the Red Mud for its Further Exploitation (see page 123).



Photo: Participants at the EMC21 conference in Novi Sad.