2nd meeting of RIS-RESTORE consortium

Partners welcomed 10 new task partners on board and reviewed the planned activities for BP2020. In the First year entire consortium under BZN supervision will work actively on severe clustering activities (D2.2.1). Within WP3 all partners will endeavour to establish a long-term sustainable and strong network of stakeholders along the Al value chain, focusing on the zero waste extraction of valuable metals from mining, and the processing of red mud tailings (O3.1; D3.2.1). NTUA will lead the initial study of the situation in the region in the zero waste Al value chain, afterwards a Roadmap will be delivered (D3.1.1). In the second part of the project first year also capacity building activities will be organised for academia, industry and relevant stakeholders. Within WP4 activities based on evaluation of red mud will be carried out, therefore an overview of historic data of bauxite red muds tailings (D4.1.1) as well as screening with detailed sampling plan (D4.2.1) and In situ sampling (D4.3.1) will be carried out. First sample preparations and characterisations will start at the end of the first year of the RIS- RESTORE project.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemics, some activities will be adjusted according to the regional situation.

2nd consotium meeting.png