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The project aims at establishing a self-sustaining network of stakeholders, who are interested in the reprocessing of red mud tailings in the ESEE region and the extraction of heavy minerals which contain valuable metals (REE, Sc, Y, Hf, Zr, and Ti). The estimated quantity of red mud in the region is more than 85 M tonnes. In total 5 tailings in 4 countries are examined, and the existing BAT for the extraction of heavy minerals will be evaluated.

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RIS-RESTORE is inviting relevant stakeholders to join the RIS-RESTORE network!


One of the main objectives of RIS-RESTORE project is to build a strong and self-sustaining network of the zero waste Al value chain, consisting of red mud tailings owners/holders in the region, investors, the mining industry in general, extraction/metallurgical industry, recycling industry, technology providers, potential eco- innovators, end-users for extracted metals, construction companies, other industries, interested in circular economy approaches, local, regional, national decision makers, policy makers and other relevant governmental institutions, students, researchers, educators and also the general public.


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